Practice & Training Tests Overview

About the Practice Tests

The practice tests provide students with a grade-specific testing experience that is similar in format and structure to the Smarter Balanced Montana Comprehensive Assessment. The practice tests include a variety of items (approximately 30 items each in ELA and math) as well as an ELA and math performance task at each grade level (grades 3–8 and 11).

About the Training Tests

The training tests combine sample items for different grade bands either for ELA or Math. The following tests are available:

  • Grades 3–5
  • Grades 6–8
  • Grades 9–11

The purpose of these practice and training tests is to become familiar with the system, functionality, and item types; the tests are not intended to guide classroom instruction. Some students may have difficulty with some of the content aligned to higher grades within the grade level or subject range of each test; nevertheless, this should not interfere with students’ ability to interact with an item for its intended training purpose. If an item appears too difficult, encourage students to experiment with the tools, choose the best answer, and move on to the next item.

Since the summer of 2014, new features have been added to the online tests, which includes a student’s ability to adjust the volume after the test has started and accessing a context menu button that allows student easy access to test tools like strikethrough and highlighter. More information on these updates will be provided in manuals and training resources.

Accessing the Practice & Training Tests

Practice and training tests can be administered in either a guest or secure mode. To access the practice and training tests, students must use a supported web browser or secure browser. Refer to the Supported Browsers or the Secure Browsers page for more information.