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Resource Description
2018-2019 TIDE Participation Reports /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/2018-2019-QSG_Participation-Reports_MT.pdf
This quick guide describes how to access participation reports in TIDE.
2018-2019 Administering Practice Tests /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/QSG_PracticeTests_MT_fnl.pdf
This quick start guide provides an overview of how to administer proctored and non-proctored practice tests.
2017-2018 TIDE Account Maintenance Quick Start Guide /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/2017-18_TIDEAcctMaintQuick-Start-Guide_MT.pdf
This quick start guide provides instructions for key tasks required for proper maintenance of the TIDE User accounts.
OPI Quick Tips: Turning Off Universal Tools /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/OPI-Smarter-Turning-off-Univeral-Tools.pdf
This resource provides guidance on how to turn off universal tools for a student in the TA Interface.