Frequently Asked Questions - August 23, 2017
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Is “near real time” dependent on completing and submitting the hand scored items?

Yes. The turn-around time to see results in ORS will depend on the school’s hand scoring process.

What training is provided for teachers who are hand scoring student responses?

The Teacher Hand Scoring System (THSS) user guide and training module are available on the portal. Also, there are training guides and exemplars for each item in the Teacher Hand Scoring System.

If a school uses only the CAT for Interim Assessments, is any hand scoring necessary?

The Interim ICAs are mimics of the full summative and the CAT and PT components cannot be separated. Hand scoring is necessary for the ICAs.

Is hand scoring at the building level? District level? State level?

Hand scoring can be done by SCs, TEs, or TAs.

Will Interim Assessments be available through the Summative Assessment testing window?

The Interim Assessment test window is scheduled for May 2 – May 27, 2016.

Does TIDE have to be populated with students prior to accessing Interim Assessments?


Do Interim Assessments need to use the secure browser?


Are Interim Assessments mandatory?

No, they are optional.

Are Interim Assessments similar to the Practice tests?

No, they are real tests, scored, and reported in the Online Reporting System.

Who is conducting the hand scoring?

Hand scoring for the Interim Assessments must be done at the local level; therefore, individual school staff needs to be trained to hand-score that component of the Interim’s using the Teacher Hand Scoring System (THSS).

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